Hot Dates with Reid Brackenbury ft. Los & more TBA!

Hot Dates with Reid Brackenbury ft. Los & more TBA!

Hollywood Improv (The Lab)

Wed Aug 21

Reid Brackenbury's Bio

Reid Stuart Gordon Brackenbury is a comedian, with a name like that he probably should have been a lawyer, but at last he was too dumb to be a lawyer and just smart enough to be a comedian. He hails from London, Ontario, Canada. He started doing comedy and disappointing his family at the ripe age of 19 where he helped form an award-winning sketch troupe “Vest of Friend” - Winners of “Best of Toronto(2015) and Montreal (2016) SketchFest” which in American Terminology is like winning Miss Ohio . Reid now performs all around LA and is a rising twinkle twinkle little shining star and is always guaranteed to make you slap your knee, bust your gut and cure whatever sickness you may have! **Warning offer not guaranteed* his lawyers advised him to add this disclaimer because as stated in the first paragraph, he is not a lawyer.
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