Scott Martin

Scott Martin

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Scott Martin is a comedian who has made numerous appearances at most of the comedy clubs throughout the competitive Los Angeles and Orange County area.  He has featured and headlined all over the United States.  He brings a sense of knowledge and perspective that is unique.  He is also head writer of a television project that is currently being developed.

​Scott Martin was born in Buena Park, CA.  At the age of 17 he was spotted by an agent for his comedic abilities.  He was given a spot on a young comedian’s special at a local comedy club.  Scott spent two years in the 1990’s as a house comedian at Comedy Land, a comedy club across the street from Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.  Due to the proximity to Disneyland, the club was packed most weekends.  Mr. Martin is used to performing before large audiences.  He then went on to get Bachelors degrees in History and American Studies and furthered his education by receiving a Master’s Degree in Social Science.   

​Scott’s insightful comedy inspects stereotypes, relationships and shares his experience of being a regular guy with over exaggerated problems. His age and truly unique life experiences are combined to create an enjoyable experience for the audience. 

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