Beau McFarland

Beau McFarland

Brea Improv

Tue Nov 12
Scott Martin

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Beau McFarland's Bio

G. Beau McFarland is an American stand-up comic, writer, actor, and Nutella-lover, who is originally from Southern California. His ridiculous social-commentary (if you can call it that) and cathartic brand of stand-up comedy has earned him spots performing in clubs, theaters and venues all over the United States, and a little bit in Canada, the U.K., China and Thailand. He has also performed for the troops in Seoul, South Korea, as well as on season 1 of Fox Network's Boom, and is a frequent contributor to Table Read the Podcast.

Having gone through the hell of teaching English and creative writing at both the high school and college levels, Mr. McFarland has a deep love for writing scripts and sketches as well. This in turn has allowed him to bamboozle his way into directing a few plays that "�weren´t all that terrible."