Open Mic at the Raleigh Improv

Open Mic at the Raleigh Improv

Raleigh Improv

Wed Aug 17
Tickets on sale 08/17/2022 06:55PM
Wed Sep 7
Tickets on sale 09/07/2022 06:55PM
Wed Sep 21
Tickets on sale 09/21/2022 06:55PM

Show Info

When is the Open Mic?
The First & Third Wednesday of the month 
What time is the Open Mic?
Signups will start at 6:30pm, and we’ll run the mic from 7:00 to 8:30ish. Timing may change in the future as we develop this night. 
Who’s hosting?
We’ll be rotating hosts.
How long are the spots?
We’re going to start with 4 minutes. 1 Minute Light & our sound WILL play you off. It’s our way of helping you manage your set timing skills. 
How does one sign up?
We’re going to start with a true bucket mic. Arrive starting at 6:30pm and add your name to the bucket before 7:00. (No signing up friends who haven’t arrived yet.) The host will pull names at random to eliminate bias. Support each other. The goal of this is to give you opportunity to hone your craft and continue building the already amazing Raleigh comedy community.   
Can you film your set?
Not right now - we know many of you want to film for review, but there’s been a few instances of sets that shouldn’t be online getting posted online with our logo in the back. If you need to get tape for something, we’ll figure out a way to try to help ya. 
Is there an admission fee?
Nope, just bring your best. Kitchen and bar will be open.

Do I have to sign up or can I come just to watch? 
You can come just to watch.