Drew Morgan

Drew Morgan

Raleigh Improv

Thu May 27
Special Event

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Drew Morgan's Bio

Drew Morgan is a comedian, actor and writer who has been featured on Comedy Central, MTV, and The View. As part of the wellRED comedy tour, he has crisscrossed the country with an act described as “Mark Twain on acid” and that pretty much gets at it. Hailing from rural Appalachia, he was raised by a preacher and a librarian. This explains why Drew is in a constant state of existential crisis, while also looking for the good in people. He co-hosts the southern/progressive "wellRED Podcast," as well as "Into the Abiscuit," an Appalachian Gothic comedy podcast. Drew’s humor is sly and biting, you’ll notice he has a big chip on his shoulder – it is BBQ flavored. He is a good dancer.