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Letters from a Nut

Letters from a Nut

You missed it! This show has passed.

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Actor Patrick Warburton (Puddy on Seinfeld, Family Guy, The Tick, Lemony Snicket in a Series of Unfortunate events) brings a madcap collection of crazy correspondence to the stage for a one-of-a-kind show that will make you laugh from 'Dear' to 'Sincerely'. Based on the bestselling series of books Letters from a Nut by Ted L. Nancy, this is a not to be missed special event the whole family can enjoy!

Ted L. Nancy is a customer in need of service. He writes to the City of Huntington Beach requesting a permit for operating his Electronic Nose Blowing Machine over a neighbor’s patio, invites Czechoslovakian President Václav Havel to become Treasurer of Ted’s Vacuum Club, asks Nordstrom about buying a mannequin that looks like his deceased neighbor to present to the grieving widow, and more. Time after time, well-meaning representatives offer earnest replies to his letters. All real! Based on his bestselling series of books Letters from a Nut, Mr. Nancy brings his madcap collection of correspondence to the Irvine Improv for a one-of-a-kind show that is both outlandish and uproarious.   Family friendly for audiences of all ages.