Feelin' Good With Duddy Live Podcast

Feelin' Good With Duddy Live Podcast

Irvine Improv

Mon Oct 7

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Brothers Dustin ‘Duddy’ Bushnell (Dirty Heads) and Jake Bushnell co-host a podcast filled with positivity and laughs. Each week brings variety with guests, stories, and topics you can apply to your life. Duddy, guitarist and vocalist of Dirty Heads, and his brother Jake Bushnell, former musician turned barber, are both from Huntington Beach, California. Guests for the podcast have included Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome, comedians and actors The Sklar Brothers, Johnny Christ from Avenged Sevenfold, and surf legend Christian Fletcher.

Eric J. Freedman's Bio

Eric J. Freedman, Comedian and Road Manager for Sublime With Rome Eric has been touring the world for over a decade now. First as a drummer, then as a Road Manager for Sublime with Rome, and currently as both Road Manager and Comedian. Over the years he has acquired a wealth of stories, a broad view of the world, and a possible drinking problem. His sharp wit and dark but deadly accurate tongue have had audience laughing from LA to Australia. Creator of the popular cartoon/comedy group Tomorrow’s Nobody, he has been writing and producing cartoons, sketch comedy, web-series, and more since 2001.
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