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Sarah Taylor

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Sarah Taylor is a stand up comedian, actor, and meditation teacher. At The Hollywood Improv Lab she hosts Cosmic Joke with Sarah Taylor & Friends, the unique show where meditation, higher consciousness, and comedy collide.

She’s the creator of Teddy Talks, the video series where she gets deep and ridiculous while driving through the streets of L.A. with her teddy bear. Sarah has appeared on Superstore, Hot In Cleveland, Bunheads, was a series regular for three seasons on NBC's In Gayle We Trust, and has been seen in numerous TV shows and films. Variety calls her "stunningly good”, Backstage West says she’s "glorious", and the Chicago Reader finds her “impressive" and "mercurial”, which might just be a nice way of saying she’s moody.

A bit of a late bloomer, Sarah started thinking about doing stand up comedy at an age when most comedians start thinking about quitting. These days she performs at all the top comedy clubs in L.A. like The Improv, The Laugh Factory, and The Comedy Store, as well as alternative venues, and has toured with her show The Divine Mess, bringing her empowering, silly, and philosophical humor to stages all over.

Sarah has taught meditation and many things mystical for over ten years. You can check out her TEDx talk on meditation or see where she's performing next at