Sara Weinshenk

Sara Weinshenk

Hollywood Improv (The Main Room)

Sun May 19
Tonight at the Improv ft. Iliza, Michael Blaustein, Ken Flores, Leslie Liao, Sara Weinshenk, Rick Glassman, Audrey Stewart and more TBA!

Hollywood Improv (The Lab)

Sat Jun 1
House Party ft. Nicole Aimee Schreiber, Shapel Lacey, Sara Weinshenk, Willie Simon, Rocky Roberts, Polo Ceniseros, Chip Nicholson, Isaac Abrams!

Sara Weinshenk's Bio

Sara Weinshenk is a LA-based comedian, writer and podcaster. Since starting stand up in 2010, she has made many loyal fans from her stand up, as well as her podcast, SHENK. Sara can be seen on her digital series on the comedy central, "Shenks For Smoking" and has appeared on Deathsquad podcasts, JRE, GAS DIGITAL, and Lights Out With David Spade on Comedy Central