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In the not so distant future when the first urban comedy dictionary is finally published there will be a short list of definitions and references under the word “electrifying.” At the top of that list taking up the majority of the page will be a smiling action photo of a young stand-up comedian and future comedy Hall of Famer 2010 Bay Area Black Comedy Competition winner “Funny Boy” Nate Jackson.

From the moment he takes the stage and grabs the microphone until he puts it to rest back in its stand you can actually feel the electric comedy energy surging through your body in the form of constant laughter. And on your way out of the club or theatre and even into the next day you’re still feeling the comical and in some cases medicinal effects of experiencing a Nate Jackson comedy show.

A born entertainer and showman Nate doesn’t need the first few minutes of his act to “warm up” or for the crowd to warm-up to him before he starts getting funny. What makes Nate so unique is that he’s instantaneously hilarious. Once you start laughing at a Nate Jackson show it’s going to be hard to stop.

Cracking up crowds of all sizes with his razor-sharp wit engaging stage presence and his high-energy style Nate is loved by audiences ranging in ages from 18 to 83... and counting. With more than a thousand performances under his belt Nate is one of the most versatile and experienced stand-ups under age 30 on the circuit today.

A Seattle-area native and graduate of Eastern Washington University Nate began his journey in comedy as a full-time college student. He majored in Organizational Communications while pursuing an extracurricular minor in Stand Up Comedy. Instead of the on-campus classroom where he pursued his traditional studies his classrooms for comedy were the clubs in and around Spokane.

A featured comic in national tours in 2008 and 2009 Nate has worked in some of the most prestigious comedy clubs across the country and has shared the stage with urban comedy notables such as: Don ‘DC” Curry Bill Bellamy J. Anthony Brown and Tony Roberts. Nate is eager to learn and take on new challenges in comedy. As a result his career never ceases to move in the right direction. In 2010 he won the nationally acclaimed Bay Area Black Comedy Competition making him a member of an exclusive alumni including: Jamie Foxx DC Curry Craig Robinson Rodney Perry Mark Curry and many more. Nate Jackson is one to watch as his career unfolds and one to work with now.