Matt Iseman

Matt Iseman

Matt Iseman's Bio

Although he always loved being the center of attention Matt started down a very different road. After graduating with honors from Princeton University and the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons where he received his MD he returned home to the University of Colorado for his residency in Internal Medicine. Then in a move that shocked patients and parents alike he quit his job as a doctor and moved out to Hollywood to pursue stand up comedy and he never looked back.

Matt quickly began headlining clubs across the nation and was selected as one of 10 comedians to perform at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City Utah. His world experience did not stop there as he made his first overseas trip to entertain the troops on 9/11 of that same year to perform in South Korea. Since then he has bunkered down with the troops sharing his comedy in Kosovo Bosnia Croatia Germany Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Afghanistan and Iraq.

Around that time Matt also started appearing in commercials for Pontiac Dodge JC Penney PlayStation Bank of America Off! and Lamasil. He fulfilled a life long dream to be a superhero when he was featured in a campaign for Net10 as Captain Obvious. No he didn't get to keep the suit. And no you can't visit the Fortress of Obvioustude.

You may also recognize Matt's voice from campaigns for Six Flags Land Rover and as the voice of DirecTV for three years. He also voiced his first video game Command & Conquer 3 which thrills Matt as he finally can now write off playing video games as business research.

Matt began his hosting career with the show Scream Play on E! which allowed Matt to combine his love of movies and dangerous stunts. While the audience of his mom and 2 people in Fremont Nebraska was not enough to keep the show on the air in the states it became an international hit and you can still catch it when you visit Australia or Tuzla... if you're lucky. He then got lucky as he ran the streets of Las Vegas hosting Casino Night for GSN.

But then he got a call to fill in on a lil show called Clean House. His role as the Goto Guy has now brought him into his 3rd season as a host on the #1 show on the Style Network. He also hosts a spin-off show called Clean House Comes Clean that is the #2 show on the network. Matt has seen enough clutter to last ten lifetimes but there is no end in sight. Well one person's trash is another person's job.

And now Matt's lifelong passions of sports and laughing are coming together as he now hosts Sports Soup on Versus. He gives thanks to Terrell Owens Chad Johnson Manny Ramirez and all the other athletes who make his job easy. He's also glad that he has a job where he gets Olympic Gymnasts to visit him at work.

Matt also made his movie debut in Transformers 2 which pretty much meant that Matt's childhood dreams about playing with Robots came true while being directed by Mike Bay (he told Matt to call him that).

Matt has also made appearances on the Drew Carey Show NCIS Courting Alex and had a recurring role on General Hospital. No he did not play a doctor. He's appeared on Premium Blend on Comedy Central Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen and he's a regular panelist on RedEye. His CD I Want a Happy Ending has become an iTunes sensation and his DVD (Almost) All Growed Up will drop later this year. You can also hear his comedy on XM and Sirius and countless radio stations around the nation.