Mark Serritella

Mark Serritella

Hollywood Improv (The Main Room)

Sun Aug 25
At the Improv! ft. Rory Scovel, Doug Benson, Adam Carolla, Byran Callen, Steve Byrne, Brent Morin, Jay Larson, Jade Catta-Preta, KT Tatara, Carlisle Forrester, and more!
Tue Aug 27
At the Improv w/ Brad Williams, Doug Benson, Amir K, Eddie Ifft, Gene Pompa, Eric Schwartz, Johnny Mitchell, Kyle Kinane, Mychael Anthony, Mark Serritella, Andy Kozel, Courtney Schuereman and more!

Mark Serritella's Bio

Mark Serritella was born in Upstate New York and is the son of a secretary and a butcher. His mother probably smoked when she was pregnant, because he has almost no reaction to cigarette smoke when people light up around him... although he and his mom have never discussed this.

Mark moved away to college, graduated, became a first grade teacher and started getting on stage. He left teaching and now his time is primarily devoted to stand up, writing, producing screenplays and kicking ass.

His fans can catch him on Adam Devine's House Party on Comedy Central, AXS Gotham Comedy Live and various podcasts... some of which can be found under the 'Media' section of this very website.

Mark has done 6 tours for the troops and broken two arms while playing basketball. He can also be seen regularly at The Hollywood Improv, Comedy Store and Laugh Factory.