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L.J. Brown

L.J. Brown

Ontario Improv

Tue Mar 12

L.J. Brown's Bio

L.J. Brown was raised in the City of Pomona, (also known as Sintown because of it's tough reputation). He started out by dancing and entertaining on the streets, sort of like another famous person we know by the name of Michael Jackson. His grandmother (Granny) recognized his gift and inspired him to pursue his dreams, and with the help of Great Comedians: Sebastian Cetina, Paul "Smokey" Deese, Jeff Garcia, Eric Blake, Shang, Darryl "D'Militant" Littleton & Many More,

L.J. Brown is living his dream....

Now after 16 years on the comedy circuit, L.J. continues to do what he do best. He still amazes, and delights audiences with his talent, creativity, and ability to improv on stage. L.J. has said that he believes "Laughter Heals The Soul", and has a genuine concern for other people that is reflected in his performance. L.J. has worked on many TV, & Comedy Shows, Concert Venue, and Comedy Clubs like BET, MTV, Time Warner, The Judge Joe Brown Show, Microsoft "Crash The Backlot Tour", Improv's Comedy Clubs & Many More....

L.J. Brown body of work has allowed him to work with many Legends, Comedians, Actors, Singer, & Artist in his career of comedy, Legends such as: Raynold Rey (RIP), Jerry Winn (RIP), George Wallace, Andrew "Dice" Clay, A.J. Jamal, Tommy Davidson, Paul Rodiguez, Howard Hewitt, Freddie Jackson & Many More....

So you need to "Watch out for him, he's coming your way!!!"