Julianne Simitz

Julianne Simitz

Julianne Simitz's Bio

Julianne Simitz is an LA-based stand up comedian, writer, and producer. In 2018, she became a staff writer on ABC’s Emmy-nominated Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Julianne has also written for CBS Diversity Showcase and was a finalist for NBC’s Late Night Writers Workshop.

Today, Julianne writes and produces The Night Cap, a sketch-driven political late night show at The Virgil in Hollywood. She is the co-creator of political comedy talk show Bad News, a live show that is currently in development for television.

Creator of the nationwide women’s comedy writers collective, The Clitorati, Julianne performs stand up in festivals, comedy clubs, and shitty dive bars from sea to shining sea. You can catch her each month hosting Second Class Citizens, a political stand up comedy show for the “othered half.” In her past life, Julianne worked in the swamps of Washington, DC as a Soros-funded pinko commie activist.



CBS Diversity Showcase (Writer)