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Joe Gorga

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Special Guest Nicky Smigs


From the inner city of Paterson, New Jersey to real estate mogul, real husband of New Jersey and author Joe Gorga has learned how to build an empire from the ground up. In The Gorga Guide to Success, Gorga shows how to succeed in business, in marriage, and in life by following timeless, old school rules to living with passion, remaining humble, and never giving up. Gorga understood early on that you "gotta have balls" in order to get ahead. From his first job selling papers to his first forays into business, he learned from his immigrant Italian parents how to work hard, negotiate the best deals, and always keep “two feet in one boot,” which have helped lead him to real estate success As one of the stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Gorga now applies those same principles to his family, his marriage, and his unexpected stardom.

Joe is now using those balls and life lessons to take on his biggest challenge yet – the world of Comedy. If you think Joe is entertaining on The Real Housewives of New Jersey wait to you see him live on stage.

Joe does not know how to fail and the world of comedy needs to get ready for this force of nature.

Chicago’s own Nicky Smigs will open the show. Nicky blew up on Tic Tok and You Tube and is known for his dead on impressions of Sebastian Maniscalco, Christopher Walken, Tony Soprano, Ray Romano, NICKMERCS, Trump, Rocky, Nacho Libre, Johnny Drama, THOR, Arthur Shelby, The Joker & more!