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Jimmy Shubert

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Jimmy Shubert delivers ‘tough love’ with side-splitting skill. He is every bit as satisfying as Lewis Black at his best.

-- San Antonio Express News

Whether it’s stealing scenes in major motion pictures or blowing the roof off any comedy club from Hawaii to Halifax Jimmy Shubert is stand-up comedy’s next breakout star.

His full contact comedy has led him to headlining The Improv and Comedy Store in Hollywood as well as the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas in December 2011 to his own stand-up special on Comedy Central with five years on “King of Queens” and several appearances on “Entourage” for good measure.

A veteran of stage and screen Jimmy is one of the rare triple threats in today’s comedy scene. “I like to entertain people in any form under any circumstances ” he says. “Whether it’s in a sold-out three thousand seat theater or in the middle of a war zone in Afghanistan “my mission is to make ‘em laugh as hard as I can.”

He has produced three albums of his material and his own concert performance DVD which showcase his “hilarious” take on the world at large.

“I am a pragmatist ” he says in his Philly rasp that’s as authentic as a Philly cheese steak “I think people are fed up with all the horse shit!! We are subjected to on a daily basis. The virtual assault on our senses from every angle a barrage of Bullshit on a constant feed from the 24 hour news cycle and don’t get me stated about the lunatics in Washington D.C. “I will run through your bubble garden with a pin and make no apologies!! From the audience’s reaction…. they appreciate the candor.”

His crowning achievement was his hour-long stand-up comedy special “Alive N’ Kickin’” – soon to be seen on a premium cable network in 2012. It made Top Ten Best Stand Up comedy DVD’s for 2010 by punchlinemagazine.com the leading comedy web site in the industry.

“Alive N’ Kickin’” was Shubert’s brainchild from start to finish. “I did everything but hang the lights ” Jimmy says. “Oh wait I did that too.” It is a theatrical presentation of his stand-up persona of a working man’s man. Jimmy combines the outlook of a modern-day Archie Bunker with an utterly real world sensibility to create signature bits on Starbucks airport security the dumbing down of America and relationships.

But Jimmy’s work is not confined to comedy. He has aced several dramatic parts as well. He’s played everything from a prison guard in a hostage crisis to a murder victim on “Monk ” He’s worked with such marquee names as Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Charlize Theron Katie Holmes Robin Williams. He says: “One of the great things about working in movies is I get a chance to work with A-list filmmakers.” It is another medium that allows you to be creative in a whole other way.

He recently completed work on two short films entitled “Wedding Jimmy” & “Uncle Melvin’s Apartment” which just won best screenplay at the Hoboken Film Festival June 2011 it is currently making it’s rounds on the festival circuit as well as a feature entitled “Cut Off” starring Faye Dunaway and Malcolm McDowell.

On the small screen He recently did a guest star on CBS freshmen comedy “2 Broke Girls” He plays Betty Whites neighbor in a new NBC show called “ Off Their Rockers” and also Bobby Dicey”-“World’s Greatest Daredevil” on Disney’s #1 show Zeke and Luther he’s made three appearances on HBO’s hit comedy “Entourage” after five years in a recurring role on CBS’s “King of Queens.” He has also made appearances on such shows as “Heist ” “The Loop ” “ER ” “Reno 911 ” “Rude Awakenings ” “Angel ” “Lucky ” “New Car Smell ” “Sonny with a chance” ” “Just Shoot Me” and “Youth In Revolt.”

In September 2007 Jimmy recorded his first half-hour special for Comedy Central at the Hudson Theater in New York City which received rave reviews and a standing ovation from the discerning New York audience and the Comedy Central Presents plays in heavy rotation on the Network. In Addition He has released two break out comedy albums “Animal Instincts” and “Pandemonium ” produced by Grammy-winning producer Dan Schlissel which have both sold incredibly well. He has performed all over the United States Canada Ireland Mexico The Bahamas Korea and in 2007 he along with Drew Carey performed for the troops in the Middle East and Afghanistan as part of the “America Supports You” program for the Defense Department and Armed Forces Entertainment.

Growing up as the son of a Philadelphia Detective wasn’t easy for Jimmy. He says “ It was like living with Lieutenant Colombo.” Jimmy and his band of six brothers were always getting into trouble. Jimmy was the middle child; so most of his childhood days were spent wearing bloodstained hand-me downs from his older brothers. He attended the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts majoring in Drama. It was from those experiences in acting class that Jimmy knew he wanted to be an entertainer. Always the class clown and performer Jimmy performed magic tricks for his friends and family at nine years of age. By the age of 15 he had become an accomplished professional magician. He later channeled that energy into stand-up comedy.

Jimmy started performing out of high school in comedy clubs around the Philly area. He later moved to Los Angeles and started working at the Comedy Store performing and writing material for acts like Yakov Smirnoff Jimmy Walker and Andrew “Dice” Clay. It was the Comedy Store where he later met Sam Kinison and they became friends. Kinison liked Shubert’s chutzpah and included him as one of the original “Outlaws of Comedy” which he toured with for five years playing major casinos in Las Vegas and other venues like the Universal Amphitheater in front of audiences as large as 6 500 people. After a well recognized performance at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal he was spotted by the late Brandon Tartikoff who signed Jimmy to a holding deal to develop a pilot sitcom for him to star in at 20th Century Fox.

Jimmy’s comedy routine is usually performed with an observational point of view in comedic short-story form and typically focuses on poking fun at pop culture. As AllMusic.com put it “His confidence and lucid delivery enhances his humor making even his most perverse moments hilarious.”