Jen Kober

Jen Kober

Hollywood Improv (The Main Room)

Sat Aug 17
At the Improv: Neal Brennan, Jamie Kennedy, Justin Martindale, Fahim Anwar, Tim Dillon, Jen Kober, Alex Hooper, Craig Conant, Robby Hoffman, Jose Maestas, and more TBA!

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Jen Kober's Bio

Originally from Lake Charles Louisiana, Kober has bounded onto the national stage - playing colleges theatres and comedy clubs all over the country and bringing crowds to their feet with her original blend of stand-up story telling and improvised rock-n-roll comedy. Leslie Berman of The SWLA Times writes "Kober is one of the most talented comics of our time. I have been betting on her to find her niche and go national since the first time I saw her. I thought: Shes got to be our 21st Century Lucille Ball and thats no exaggeration. If you’re twenty years younger than me think hipper Tracey Ullman." Jen Kober currently lives in Los Angeles CA where she continues to develop new material and travel the globe spreading mass amounts of laughter world-wide with both her stand-up and improvised comedy shows.

Jen loves Yoo-Hoo and ranch flavored Corn-Nuts and wonders why instant gratification takes so long.