Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson

Hollywood Improv (The Lab)

Tue Jun 18
The OTHER Show ft. Lizzie Rose, Adam Barnhardt, Jonathan Ventura, McKenna Jarrell, Trent Thomas, Greg Wilson, Andrea Abbate, Logan Hobson, & Drew Martinez!
Fri Jun 21
Comedy Grind ft. Fahim Anwar, Rob DaRocha, Greg Wilson, Sarah Halstead, Doug Bass, Richard Chassler, Andy Kozel, Willie Krisztal, Vanja Renee, Karen Haber & more TBA!

Greg Wilson's Bio

Greg Romero Wilson recently starred in the FOX sitcom "Ghosted" opposite Craig Robinson and Adam Scott. Greg's done stand-up on Showtime, FOUR episodes of "Comics Unleashed" and "Comedy.TV". And you know those TV shows where comedians bag on various TV and Youtube clips? Greg's been on almost all of them! 3 seasons of "World's Dumbest Criminals" on TruTV, 2 seasons on VH1’s "The Greatest" and random clip shows for MTV, E!, TLC and a bunch of others he can’t even remember. He’s also guest-starred on dozens of TV shows like "Modern Family", "Law & Order", "Hawaii Five-O" and "Bones".

Greg hosts his own podcast, "Fantasy Football HARSH REALITY" and is also the co-host of the wildly popular podcast "MMA Roasted". Greg is terrible at social media, but he’s on there! Just search "Greg Romero Wilson". He also has, believe it or not, a website:

"What can I say about The Greg Wilson that can describe how hysterically funny he is? He reminded me of John Belushi!" - Nikki Artale, The Las Vegas Informer

"The Greg is a freakin' genius. His improvisational skills are absolutely deadly and I believe he will be a huge star." - David Blaustein, ABC News Radio

"The Greg Wilson is funnier than just about any comic out there today. He might possibly be the wildest comic ever (and that includes Sam Kinison)!" - Greg Gutfeld, FOX News

"He’s a master of improvisation, a Jedi in facial contortions and class act who’s one step away from imminent stardom." - Ryan McCormick, L.I. Entertainment News

"Off-the-cuff, off-the-wall comedy!" –