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Greg Proops

Greg Proops

Greg Proops' Bio

“Here he is though in front of a live audience each week bravely recording some of the boldest comedy on the podcasting frontier right now.”

-Rolling Stone Magazine

Greg Proops is a stand up comic from San Francisco. He lives in Hollywood. It’s not that bad. Really.

The Proopdog is best known for his unpredictable appearances on Whose Line is it Anyway? He can be seen on the New Season on the WB.

Professor Proops has a hit Podcast called The Smartest Man in the World. He has recorded it live in Australia New Zealand Montreal Edinburgh Dublin San Francisco Oslo Amsterdam Austin London Paris aboard a ship in the Caribbean and somehow Cleveland. Find it at or iTunes.

Greg brazenly smokes dope on TV on The Green Room with Paul Provenza on Showtime.

Greg has lent his voice to Star Wars the Phantom Menace and was Bob the Builder. That's right Bob the Bloody Builder.

Mr. Proops has been a guest on Red Eye The Late Late Show and Chelsea Lately on E!

You may Socially Network with Greg on Twitter at @gregproops and tumblr at