Devyan DuMon

Devyan DuMon

Hollywood Improv (The Lab)

Sat Apr 27
Gimmie Gimmie Peach Samba ft. Devyan DuMon, Aaron Hertzog, Emily Winter, Peter Kim, Jenny Chalikian, Soomin Chun, Leah Rudick, Andy Rider & Katie Novotny!

Devyan DuMon's Bio

"Take Dévyan too seriously, & you missed the point, take him too lightly, & you weren't paying attention"

~ Ryan Ewecub

.. Star of Indie films & award-winning online content, in ADDITION to starting his own production company in 2019, [firewaterz], Dévyan DuMon is one of those performers who truly 'makes it look easy'. From the politically serious, to the socially riotous, he'll put a spark in your heart, & a smile on your face .. "Certain things bother EACH of us, so let it out in a laugh now, or a grey hair later .. you decide"

● WINNER: “Best of Phoenix”, formerly the premiere stand-up competition in AZ. Currently a “hired-gun” who tightens up & elevates scripts for studios, as well as independent filmmakers, and a regular face in the Hollywood Improv scene. Most often randomly recognized as the current emcee of L.A.'s Legendary Turtle Races in Marina del Rey, for the last 4yrs

(minus you-know-what)

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..whether you need a Comic, Writer, Actor, or Producer, he's BOOKable AND BANKable!