Chad Lebaron

Chad Lebaron

Brea Improv

Wed Jul 22
Special Event

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Chad Lebaron's Bio

Chad is an actor, digital creator, and sketch performer who has created multiple, beloved characters on

a plethora of platforms. Perhaps he's known most widely across the interwerbs as Cherdleys or Cheb, a

rad twentysomething who loves to skate (well, um, Heely) and hang out with friends, because he has a

ton. According to him, he embodies every sense of the word "cool." If you don't think he's cool, well I

hate to break it to you -- you're a bonafide hater. If you see Cheb in public, he encourages you to throw

him a high-five. Chad has over 1M subs on YouTube, 625K followers on Facebook, and over 625K

followers on Instagram, not including your mama.