Byron Bowers

Byron Bowers

Hollywood Improv (The Lab)

Fri Jan 24
Set List with Adam Ray, Byron Bowers, Rick Overton, Tony Baker, & more!

Byron Bowers' Bio

Byron Bowers was born and raised in a lower-middle class neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. But here’s where it gets funny: The Atlanta School Board saw fit to bus him into the more affluent, whiter suburbs for his schooling. Thus began an inadvertent social experiment that bore comedic fruit. Byron’s experiences directly informhis comedy – crisscrossing a multicultural socioeconomic landscape with the insight of a hip hop prodigy, the punch of a mixed martial artist, and the charm that one would expect from a proper southern gentleman.

Byron moved to Los Angeles in 2008 where he has pursued not only his comedy, but his love of exotic sports cars and nature. (He really does enjoy long walks on the beach). The trans-continental relocation has added to his cultural insight and helped him spread his appeal far and wide.