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Brian Swinehart hails from a small country town in Ohio and now lives in Los Angeles. Brian is a rising comedic talent who blends his homespun country charm with an urban sophistication. Swinehart has captivated audiences across the country and overseas. He has a long resume of comedy clubs and has also performed overseas for the United States Military.

Brian incorporates hilarious act outs and funny one-liners to tell stories about travel, friendships and relationships. He uses real life experiences to fuel his comedic stories.

In addition to his incredible standup skills Swinehart has also appeared as an actor in movies and television. He has 34 professional acting credits on IMDB.

In 2017 Brian became a professional screenwriter as his feature film Burning Shadow was produced into a 90minute movie and is currently on the Film Festival circuit.

In 2018 Swinehart wrote, directed, produced and acted in a short film for the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge where he went back to his home town of Covington Ohio to do a heart warming story starring Dennis “Scooby” Willoughby a man with down-syndrome who is loved by the people of the community. The short film is called The #1 Fan and is on youtube.