Brandon Wardell

Brandon Wardell

Brandon Wardell's Bio

Brandon Wardell is a comedian.

He has made appearances on Comedy Central, MTV, and Viceland and stars in the webseries “Like And Subscribe” and appears in the upcoming Netflix series “I Think You Should Leave” and “Twelve Forever”.

He hosts a popular podcast with Jack Wagner called “Yeah But Still” and is popular and cool on the internet and also in real life and did not write this bio.

He’s been profiled in Rolling Stone, Vice, and other major publications.

He is on tour frequently and has a popular monthly standup show at The Satellite in Los Angeles.

In 2018, he released his debut LP, an ASMR album, entitled “An ASMR Album”.

Wardell started doing standup in Washington DC in 2010, dropped out of Virginia Commonwealth University in 2013, and moved to Los Angeles in 2014. Soon after, he was featured on the Bob Odenkirk album “Amateur Hour,” and toured with Odenkirk and has also opened for Bo Burnham.


instagram: @bswardell