Bil Dwyer

Bil Dwyer

Bil Dwyer's Bio

Hailing from Chicago IL, Bil Dwyer, like many hearty Midwesterners, is a very private person and likes to keep things to himself. Unlike many hearty Midwesterners, he is forced to compose bios of himself written in the third person. Bil’s career has covered many facets of show business, from performing to writing to commercial voiceover work.

Bil is an accomplished standup comic, who has appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn” and his very own half hour stand-up special “Comedy Central Presents: Bil Dwyer.” His takes on marriage, kids and family are hip and sardonic, and yet beneath lies a certain odd sweetness.

Bil has hosted GSN‘s “I’ve Got A Secret,” Comedy Central’s “Battlebots,”

FOX Sports’ “Ultimate Fan Leagure,” PAX-TV‘s “Dirty Rotten Cheaters,” GSN’s “Extreme Dodgeball” and MTV’s “The 70’s House (as mock game show host Bert Van Styles).