Anthony Mrocka

Anthony Mrocka

West Nyack Levity Live

Thu Sep 29
Cindy Kaza with Special Guest Anthony Mrocka
Special Event

Anthony Mrocka's Bio

After years of struggling with addiction, Anthony began to question his very purpose in life. It was during one of his lowest points he began to pray to God and surrender his life to Him. It was at this moment his Spiritual Awakening began. Things started to happen that did not make sense. He started to hear, see and feel things that were “not of this world.” Teachers showed up out of nowhere, making it seem as if he was on a divinely guided path which contained some sort of predestined plan. Anthony was told he was a psychic medium, and so began his development with Spirit.

Anthony is a sought out expert with readings that are extremely accurate and detailed. Today, you can find Anthony on the road doing live events throughout the country, or at home in NJ doing private readings and mentoring students. To find out more about Anthony please visit his website: