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Amy Ashton

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Amy was a writer on E!'s Fashion Police for her favorite comedienne, Joan Rivers ​who said, Amy is "RARE, so talented, funny and beautiful." Amy ha​s been on HBO, Comedy Central and reoccurs on the Talk Show circuit - NBC, FOX, Morning Show, Fox's Bethenny as a Comic/Relationship Expert. She has sold several TV Shows as Creator/Executive Producer which aired on E!, as well as other Networks. Amy says, "I've finally turned into the man I always wanted to marry, only with hair." She currently has a Talk Show in development based on her book, How To Score With A Girl, by A Girl… Advice for Men..


When she is not producing TV or performing at the local major comedy clubs in LA, she's headlining around the world, mostly for corporate and F​ortune 500 companies. It's there that ​she uses her disarmingly lethal jokes-per-second act and intertwines her empowering #HBB (Happy Busy Billionaire) and relationship advice in her repertoire, first part Stand Up and second part​ Talk Show keeping things exciting and fun.

This bigger than life modest talent, finds it easy to adapt and tailor her material for any function. Whether she's speaking her humor on pop culture, current affairs, politics, excelling in the workplace, getting over an ex or a​ loss, overcoming a dysfunctional family (Her critical, Jewish Mom, Glenda who always brings her down a notch is a favorite), inspiring #HBB B​.I.​T.​C.​H coaching or just simply dealing with everyday life experiences, you are sure to have a FUN, MEMORABLE, REJUVENATING time. "... a latte with 10 shots!"

"Authentic, Empowering & Hilarious" - As featured on the cover of the Sunday LA Times! Twitter @AmyAshton12