Juliette Reilly

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Oct 21 Sun
McJuggerNuggets Live 2:00 PM
Irvine ImprovIrvine, CA Special Event


Juliette Reilly is a chart-topping, soulful pop singer/songwriter from NJ with an interactivefan base of 300,000+ and a passion for inspiring teens. She has collective music sales across all platforms of over 10,000, and streams of over 23,000,000.Her EP "I Am" debuted at #1 on theiTunes singer/songwriterchart, #53 in overall iTunes albums, and #5 on theBillboard Heatseekerschart (#1 in the NorthEast). Over 15 of her songs have also gained chart placements, many of which are from her 20-song soundtrack album for McJuggerNuggets’YouTube series, "My Virtual Escape."

Several of Juliette's songs are featured onSirius XM, and as theme songs for such organizations as The Red Shoe (Domestic Violence Prevention) andProject Semi-Colon(Teen Anti-Bullying Organization). She tours and performs regularly with such organizations, and has been performingandwriting since she was 8.Juliette composes songs for several independent films, YouTubers and other artistsin all genres and styles, but has seen the most success with cinematic ballads and teen power-pop anthems.