Jason Mewes

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Nov 15 Thu
7:30 PM
Chicago ImprovSchaumburg, IL Special Event


JayMewes& His A-Mewes-ing Stories

Cinema iconJasonMewesis best known as the potty-mouthed vocal half of Jay and Silent Bob, the on- screen comedic duo who first appeared in Kevin Smith’s seminal 1994 indie film Clerks.Meweswould reprise the character five more times on the big screen from 1995 to 2006, becoming a sort of James Bond of mid-90’s low budget film—a fast talking, foul-mouthed, over-sexed but ultimately harmless and likable guy. Bugs Bunny with a boner.

But it’s in the insanely popular award-winning podcast Jay & Silent Bob Get Old whereMewestruly shines. For nearly seven years, in what’s been described as “Lake Wobegon days with anal jokes”,Jasonhas told the story of his tumultuous life on stage every week.