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Sep 23 Sun
What Now? with Guy Branum, Barbara Gray, Chase Bernstein, Noah Findling, Eric Weil & more! 8:00 PM
Hollywood Improv (The Lab)Hollywood, CA


Guy Branum is a writer and comedian best known for serving as “Staff Homosexual” onChelsea Latelyand his performance as Natalie Portman’s sassy gay friend inNo Strings Attached. Noticing a trend? He’s appeared on E!, MTV, G4, CurrentTV and lots of other channels you’d need to upgrade your cable to watch. He’swritten forPunk’don MTV andFashion Policeon E!. That means he’s watched the Grammys at Joan Rivers’s house. Jealous? Guy also writes for the “Gay Voices” section of The Huffington Post and occasionally makes web vidoes where he dances around without his shirt on. But mostly, Guy is very, very beautiful and good at having sex.

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