Brandon Rogers

Photo of Brandon Rogers


May 20 Sun
2:00 PM
San Jose ImprovSan Jose, CA Special Event


In recent years Brandon Rogers has become best known for his sketches and impersonations on his Youtube channel. His characters all live in the same universe and reference each other in various videos.

Brandon was named a NEW FACE: Creator at the prestigiousJust for LaughsComedy Festival 2017. Brandon has starred in the short directed by James FrancoFamous Potter, the independent featureAction #1for AwesomenessTV and Fullscreen’s seriesFANtasieswhere Brandon brings his fan’s fiction to life!

Most recently Brandon has wrapped the 2ndseason of his own creation-Magic Funhousefor Fullscreen. Now, you can catch him inStuff & Sam- his series for Facebook Watch,a character piece following patriotic Sam and his elderly roommate Donna as they attempt to adopt a child.