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Paquita La Del Barrio EN VIVO: Show de Imitación

Paquita La Del Barrio EN VIVO: Show de Imitación

Brea Improv

Sun Mar 31
Special Event

Beto El Chistologo's Bio

Beto El Chistologo, is a star comedian here in Los Angeles is the #1 impersonator for Paquita La Del Barrio in the United States. Beto has performed his Paquita character on the famous shows, Sabado Gigante, Christina, and many more. Beto was also featured in the Netflix comedy series, Sigue La Risa, where he performed his hilarious stand up routine. Beto puts on an unforgettable display of singing, theater, and comedy that keeps his fans engaged at all times. His ability to utilize both music and stand up comedy distinguishes him from others in the industry. He has toured all over the country and in Mexico performing, and continues to make his crowds roar at every show. Paquita La Del Barrio is a musical legend, and Beto El Chistologo is the closest you will get to seeing her!
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