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Terrance Washington

Terrance Washington

Ontario Improv

Tue Feb 5

Terrance Washington's Bio

The likeable misanthrope, the cajun lover from another mother, Terrance Washington is Louisiana Born comedian who now resides in the LA area. His career in comedy started from a $50 bet he made with a friend at a Barbeque to do comedy at an open-mic and not chicken out! So while he waits for his friend to pay up on the bet, he has been doing comedy at some of the biggest comedy clubs in California inlcuding the Improv Comedy Clubs all over Southern California, Levity Live and Filming For Hulu.

His unique and hilarious brand of comedy take you through the journey of his surreal unbringing to his current life and his ligh-hearted and extrememly amusing take on our current society, couple that with his razor-sharp wit, down-home likeability and his ability to connect with his audiences from all walks of life, makes for a hysterical experience that will be memorable for years to come!