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Steve Flye

Steve Flye

Ontario Improv

Tue Jun 4

Steve Flye's Bio

Tsunamis, shark/terrorist attacks, Hurricane Katrina... Steve Flye's brand of comedy has withstood ALL THAT! Kevin Hart is short... So is Steve. Darth Vader is African-American, at least his voice is... So is Steve. Dave Chappelle is funny... And comparisons to him have followed Steve the last few years of his career. So Steve Flye is funny, too! A native Houstonian, Steve received a full schloarship in football to play at Tulane University in New Orleans, graduating with a degree in psychology.

After moving to California, Steve's diligent work ethic resulted in tangible success. Within three years, Steve was making his national television debut on BET's ComicView. A year after that, CSI: Las Vegas came calling where he got to play the "crime scene." Then a Super Bowl commercial. Birth of Our Nation on PAX. Writer for MTV. And just recently appearing on Bar Rescue. Steve describes himself as an "L.A. Comic" because... "That's where I cut my teeth!" He actually began performing in Houston at the age of five, starring in a KHOU-CBS Black History commercial.

With impeccable timing, intellect & poise...Steve Flye creates a connection with every audience he performs for, creating a "virtual friendship" that allows acceptance and culminates in laughter! His talent is evident, penetrating and has been witnessed by patrons from Okinawa, Japan to Ontario, Canada! Showcasing an undeniable wit along with a contagious smile, Steve Flye is the next household name in the world of comedy!