Joshua Higuera

Joshua Higuera

Ontario Improv

Sun Oct 1
Special Event

Joshua Higuera's Bio

Born in the sunny side of Los Angeles, CA, Joshua was born being selfless. It was this particular trait that led him through nearly a decade enlisted in the United States Army, then subsequently 7 years working in a state prison. When Joshua discovered that he had a natural talent of making others happy with his stories and perspectives, he took to the stages of Georgia where he started his foray into becoming a professional stand up comedian. Joshua's relatability captivated audiences from all over the world and almost a decade since he first touched the microphone, he has not slowed down since.

His clever, feel-good charisma is infectious and has led him to be a featured performer in some of the leading stages in the nation like most of the Improv stages in California to the bustling stages of New York including Levity Live, to the entertainment capitol of the world; Las Vegas. Joshua has become a trusted name of hilarity in the West Coast and after producing shows aimed for veterans and correction officers, Joshua is here to effectively serve on the frontlines of comedy clubs worldwide