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Mojo Brookzz's Bio

At the start of his career, multi-talented comedian Dyon Brooks utilized Facebook and Instagram to demonstrate his considerable comedic talents by writing and performing video skits. Some of his popular work includes his nine-skit series titled “Thawt in my House,” and his spot-on mom and grand-mom impersonations, which elevated his popularity because of how well audiences related to his characters and situations depicted in his sketches. It was the “Mr James”(Sugardaddy) character that proved to be one of Brooks’ first major breaks online. This character has catapulted Brooks into a a very well-deserved spotlight and helped him gain national attention and a bigger following.

The 33-year-old comedian started out doing comedy simply because he enjoyed it and it was fun to do in his spare time. Little did he know his skits and jokes were making a difference in other’s lives. He started receiving direct messages from fans who watch him daily expressing how his videos got them through a rough time, or simply brightened their day. This became his motivation to write and perform more often. He loved seeing the positive feedback, the laughs and smiles he could put on people’s faces. In nine years of his career, he has gained a following of over 1.5 million people via social media. 500K on Instagram, 1M on Facebook, 810K on Tik Tok and 50,000 on Snapchat. OVER 2M combined!

Brooks has hosted marquis events as well as performed alongside popular musical artists and comedians, including Michael Blackson, Lil Duval, DeRay Davis, Jess Hilarious, Lloyd, Jacquess, Earthquake and DC Young Fly, just to name a few. Dyon is now on a journey to capture the stand-up comedy world! In 2018 he embarked on his first nationally headlining tour, titled “Hysterical in Person.” After selling out many of the shows on his own tour, Dyon went back on tour, co-headlining with internet sensation Timothy Wilson on their The Last Laugh Comedy Tour. It was Dyon’s Toxic But funny comedy Tour that started to wake up the stand-up comedy world! Selling over 6K tickets in 2022!

To date, Brooks has created well over 900 video skits, performed stand-up comedy shows in comedy Clubs and theaters (Headlining at Chicago’s Arie Crown theater) He currently has several Viral Videos and is considered one of the top influencers/Comedians in the game. You can find “Mojo” on social media as “MojoBrookzz”.

Welcome To The Dyon Brooks experience! Prepare to be entertained!