Jeffrey Ross

Jeffrey Ross

Jeffrey Ross' Bio

Jeff Ross is a respected comedian, writer, director, and producer also known as “The

Roastmaster General.”

Most recently Jeff has been on tour with Dave Attell performing their two man stand up

“Bumping Mics.” After the success of their Netflix special of the same name they are

touring the country with all new material. “Bumping Mics” is rapid fire two man stand up

that has a joke per minute ratio that is off the rails. Jeff and Dave are headliners in their

own right, but when they combine forces it's a whole other beast that can't be tamed.

Also on Netflix is a series called “Historical Roasts” where Jeff hosts his dream roasts

with some of the most famous people in history. Some of the honorees include

Abraham Lincoln, Freddie Mercury, MLK, and Anne Frank.

As a regular on the Comedy Central Roasts, Jeff has roasted many infamous stars

including Alec Baldwin, Bruce Willis, Justin Bieber, Roseanne Barr, Joan Rivers, Charlie

Sheen, and The President of The United States Donald Trump.

These roasts have become a mainstay in popular culture and propelled roasting into the

public eye. Building on their success, Jeff launched “Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle”, a

competition show in which comics go mic to mic in a battle of wits. Judged by some of

the best comedy minds of our generation, including Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin Hart ,and

Seth Rogen, Roast Battle has introduced new stars and started a movement.

Comedy Central has since taken the format international, producing versions of the

show in Britain and South Africa, while homegrown “Roast Battles” continue to pop up

at comedy clubs all across the world.

His podcast “Thick Skin with Jeff Ross” hit the internet airwaves last year and has built a

loyal listenership that he has deemed his “Emotional Support Humans.” They come to

hear Jeff talk about “Touchy Subjects,” honor the recently deceased in his “Roast In

Peace” segment, and most of all they come to listen to him talk to his friends who often