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Joselito the Puppet

Joselito the Puppet

West Nyack Levity Live

Thu Feb 21
Special Event

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The Boricua puppet! Your Abuela’s favorite nieto! Your putis fav bicho! And the Official host of the puti Olympics.


Joselito The Puppet is the Puerto Rican sensation that’s been sweeping across the nation! Joselito has been Featured on Power 105 in New York City, The Wendy Williams Show, World Star Hip Hop, and touring across the country with his PuppetWave crew! He’s also been featured with celebrities Fat Joe and Baby Bash!


Joselito took the internet by storm in 2015 when a bunch of his online comedy skits went viral. Since then he has amassed a cult following of over 400,000 combined social media followers, with an average reach of over a million people a week. 


In April of 2017, Joselito made his stand up comedy debut, and became the first ever Puerto Rican puppet stand up comedian. He has sold out shows Nationwide including New York City, Chicago, Cleveland, Tampa, Fairfield, Yonkers, Philly, Orlando, Rochester and Buffalo! Along the way Joselito has developed a unique Splangish comedy style that is beloved by the Latino community with dozens of catchphrases that have become fan favorites. Joselito has kinetic observational style that is delivered in a universal way, and even though his show is in Splangish, people of all cultures can enjoy it. As you won’t just laugh but get a mini Spanish lesson as well. 


Joining Joselito on stage is his Puerto Rican puppet family or “The Litos”, which consist of his Papi (Father) and his beloved Abuela (Grandmother). Papi is the known for his wild antics, and for being out of touch with the younger generation, while Abuela tends to be the voice of reason.