Lil G & Friends

Born and raised in Compton, California, Lil’ G is

a well recognized comedian who is known for his

raw, gritty, and refreshingly real comedic style

that is all his own. Influenced by comedic genius-
es such as Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and

Red Foxx; Lil G decided to pursue a career in

comedy resurrect the raw, every day life experi-
ences to connect with his audience the way his

comedic predecessors did before.

Lil G exploded on the comedy scene and has been

featured on BET, MTV, HBO, among other net-
works. His snappy animated banter intertwined

with his unique style of comedy landed him on

nation wide tours with comedians such as Mike

Epps and Katt Williams.


Mar 29 Wed
Lil G & Friends8:00 PM
San Jose ImprovSan Jose, CA