Jonnae Thompson

As the daughter of a pastor, Jonnae grew up singing in the choir. She
went on to study theater throughout high school and college. Her
career in stand-up comedy began by accident--at Cal State Northridge,
after placing in a national competition that she entered on impulse,
at the last minute, with no prior experience. She has now been writing
and producing her own comedy shows since 2009.

According to Jonnae, ordinary life is full of humor.  From
socio-economic conditions to body image obsession, she speaks from
personal experience about real issues faced by real people. She offers
a voice of empowerment, healing through her craft.

Singing solo is a more recent addition to Jonnae's repertoire.  On her
25th birthday, she decided to break her own mold by performing two
songs. This was enough to open the musical floodgates instilled in her
childhood. However, it wasn't until 2013 when she moved back to her
hometown that she began to tap into her ability to capture an audience
through song. Jonnae has since increased her visibility as a local Soul 
vocalist by performing regularly at various venues around San Diego, 
California.  Her soulful delivery matched with her quick wit take you to a
world that is reminiscent of legendary entertainers such as: Sammy Davis
Jr., Pearl Bailey, and Barbara Streisand. 

 "One of the reasons why I am drawn to music and comedy is the beauty
of sharing a message. There's a level of accountability and moral
responsibility that comes with being one of the voices of your
generation," Jonnae says.

Her goal is to spread a simple message: YOU MATTER. "Folks
contributing to the chaos just don't realize how much their individual
being means to the world. I believe in embracing our differences and
our uniqueness and just being comfortable in whatever skin you're in."

Jonnae is passionate about artists' ability to create as a means of
voicing internal revolutions. Musical inspirations and influences come
from the likes of Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, India Arie,
Jill Scott, Ella Fitzgerald, Luther Vandross, Bob Marley and Marvin
Gaye. Comedy inspirations and influences come from the likes of Dave
Chapelle, George Carlin, Wanda Sykes, Chris Rock, Sinbad, Bill
Cosby and her mother.