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Perry Strong is an up and coming comedy talent inspired by the highs, lows and flows of New York City life, from the perspective of a native and denizen.  His raw, daring observations about experiences with relationships, women and substance abuse hit both above the belt and well below.  His humor, performed regularly at clubs in NYC and Los Angeles, have earned him a reputation as an edgy, “bewitching” performer inducing even skeptical adult audiences into laughter.

A charismatic stage presence, it’s easy to forget that Perry has been formally performing for less than four years.  He honed his standup as a regular within the NYC circuit, locally headlining Gotham Comedy Club, The Stand NYC and the Greenwich Village Comedy Club.  Regionally, Perry has headlined at Joker’s Wild in New Haven, CT.  Breaking out of his immediate home area, Perry has also successfully taken his brand of humor to the Cape Fear Comedy Festival in Wilmington, NC and Comedy with Hannibal Burress At The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY.

Equally comfortable on-screen, Perry is a natural actor and commentator.  His praise and skewering of pop star beauty and reputation fueled television credits that include 2012 appearances in three episodes of  Vh1′s 100 Greatest Women In Music, as well as March 2013 appearances in all five episodes of Vh1′s 100 Sexiest Music Artists.  Perry was featured in a spoof commercial on on TruTv’s World’s Smartest Inventions.  In the last year, he has co-starred in the in the short film “You Good!” which screened at the Friar’s Club Comedy Film Festival and The LA Comedy Festival.  Perry’s newest short film, “The Stick,” has just completed post production and is being submitted to film festivals around the country.

From behind a camera, Perry has enjoyed a ten year career as a freelance media professional; camera operating, producing, editing and directing everything from short films and commercials to reality television and EPK’s.  In addition to co-starring, he also produced and edited “You Good!” as well as “The Stick.”  Perry’s backstage maturity has also taken him into show promotion and management, evidenced by his 2013 “Dirty Thursdays” shows at The Stand NYC, mentioned in the “NSFW” section of Time Out NY Magazine (9/5 issue) and The ForgetMeNot Comedy Tour.


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Trutv''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s World''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s Smartest Inventions Tru TV Actor
Vh1''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s 100 Greatest Women In Music Vh1 Comedian
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