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Darryl came by comedy in an honest manner: he was angry after he broke up with his girlfriend and took that anger to the stage. This worked out to be a turning point in Darryl's life. The road to success may not have been smooth but it has been steady. Lenox spent the first part of his life growing up in Las Vegas. One of his first gigs was in Canada at a Surrey comedy club. Darryl did his shows but was so broke that the club manager offered him a place to sleep in the club's basement. Darryl's material runs the gamut of straight observation to simply funny childhood stories. One memorable gig was in Saudi Arabia during a USO tour. Darryl noticed the Commanding Officer of the base was enjoying beer and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, two items expressly forbidden under Saudi law and certainly serious contraband for the average soldier living in tents below the CO's air-conditioned villa. Naturally, Darryl incorporated his observations into that evening's performance. The troops loved it but the brass went nuclear. Darryl was booted off the tour. He summed up the experience in a simple word: "Respect." He saw none of it in the Commanding Officer's attitudes and felt no hesitation in pointing it out. But most of Darryl's comedy doesn't get him kicked out!


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