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Paula Bel

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Paula’s performances are hysterically dark...  
Her voice and delivery are undeniably strong and crass, not your average female or comic.  It’s the unexpected truths along with her delivery that are hilarious.  You might’ve seen her on “Last Comic Standing” giving hell to the judges or her recent comedic appearances on Nick@Nite and TV Guide network bashing pregnant teens and reality shows.  Not one adverse to writing or performing “blue comedy”  she’s appeared on Showtime’s Full Frontal Comedy and HBO’s Las Vegas Comedy Festival.   Paula’s talented stand-up delivery had her headlining on the 2012  “Just for Laughs” Montreal Festival Nasty Show as well as the off-season “clean” tours throughout Canada.  As a successful crossover act, Paula has recently taped BET 2013.  Her numerous credits also include 'The View"  and "Comics Unleashed."  
Only six years into her stand-up career, she performed on “The Tonight Show.”   Headlining in clubs across the country, Paula’s numerous television appearances and writing style make her one of the most unique female comics performing today.  








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Paula Bel is Known For
Credit Details Role
TV Guide Stand-up in Stilhetos
Nick@Nite Mom''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s Nite Out
Comic View 2013
Showtime Full Frontal
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