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Banachowski started performing stand up in 2006 at age 17 in South East Michigan. While going to school to be a math teacher, he spent his college years trolling clubs and bars throughout Detroit, getting stage time in between working several jobs and graduating college and from the writing and improv programs at the now defunct Second City Detroit.

After winning a Michigan comedy competition in 2009, Banachowski moved to LA to continue his stand up career. He quickly became a regular at the Hollywood Improv and Comedy Store LA. While in LA, he also graduated from The Upright Citizen's Brigade theater, and the famous Groundling's school for improv. Banachowski combines his writing and improv talents to create a cocktail of characters and emotions launching into stream of consciousness rants, voice driven character monologues, and personal stories for an act that leaves audiences quoting lines as they leave the club.

He's appeared on CBS and has lived in, and played, all the stages in Detroit, LA, and NY. He's opened for such acts as Eddie Ifft, Gilbert Gottfried, Bobby Collins, Ben Gleib and brought comics to the stage in the likes of Dane Cook, Aziz Ansari, Amy Schumer, Nick Kroll, Todd Glass, and many more. 



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Bobbywood Pilot Lead
Hollywood Improv The Improv''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s ONLY bi-weekly host Emcee
Very Funny News TBS Co-Star
The Doctors CBS Co-Star
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