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Lamont Ferguson

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Lamont Ferguson started his comedy career at the ripe age of 17. Having been a highly touted musician throughout high school, it seemed only natural. Lamont’s trumpet playing got him such prestigious gigs as opening band musician for Miss Ella Fitzgerald as well as various Las Vegas performances. Lamont made his first stand-up appearance at the La Jolla Comedy Store and according to him it’s been “one long war of attrition after that.” In the past 20 years he’s played everywhere from Anchorage to Yuma and all letters in between. He’s been honing his craft for all those years. “I feel like if I can provide a good living for my family doing something that I love, then in a sense I have made it…but a pay raise can never hurt,” says Ferguson. Lamont’s act is constantly evolving, changing with him as he grows. “That’s what makes Cosby so great, he’s been funny, I mean double over funny for the past 30 years!” That’s what I base my plan on. “ wrote about Ferguson: “Having the benefit of seeing Lamont a few times … I am constantly impressed by his professionalism. He simply doesn't make mistakes--he doesn't stumble over words, he doesn't step on the audience's laughs, and he drops every punch line at the perfect time to deliver maximum impact...and yet, he never seems over-rehearsed or too polished. Everything he says, somehow, seems to be coming right from his head to his he is so in the moment-- That is a gift.”

Lamont is the father of 3 children; Alex 23, Sydni 20, and Noah 8. His daughter, Sydni is in the business. “Sydni was more successful at age 5 than I had been in the first 10 years in this business!” Sydni landed a lead role in the movie Spawn as her first acting job back in 1995. “My kids think I’m funny, although they’re at that age where they’re starting to think an adult being silly is a bit embarrassing especially when it’s dad, but they’ll come around”

Ferguson has gained the respect of many in the comedy community. His act is clever, intelligent, original and insightful. He is considered to be a professional amongst professionals. Lamont started a company in 1999 called Sprocket Entertainment. Sprocket Entertainment is produces the critically acclaimed “West Coast Funnies” currently touring the Western part of the US. The comedy variety show has been called by Time-Warner cable as “The west coast’s answer to Saturday Night Live!”

Lamont’s comedy role models are people like Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Carrey. “I admire them for the one thing they all have in common, perseverance. You can’t succeed in this business without it”

From high school band member to McDonald’s manager to open miker to working comic, Lamont Ferguson has stayed steady on the path to making people laugh.

Ferguson has appeared on Comedy Central, Comics Unleashed and ABC’s Family Channel. He was the Winner of the Seattle International Comedy Competition, three time semi-finalist at the Boston Comedy Festival and finalist in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. He has the distinction of being one of the only comics in the country that has opened for all of the following comedians: Bill Cosby, Steve Harvey, George Lopez, Larry Miller, Garry Shandling, Richard Jeni, and George Carlin.


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Boston Comedy Festival "Top Ten Comics"
San Francisco International Comedy Competition Finalist
"Best of the Fest" Detroit Comedy Festival
Voted LA's Hottest Comic KMPC/Improv
Seattle International Comedy Competition Winner
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